Msafe PSB 300

This PSB 300 safe is the first MSafe product I have examined, and I am impressed by the quality of its design and construction. This safe is in compliance with European S2 security standards as per the certification plate on the inside of the door. These standards ensure that this device is considerably more secure than comparable safes currently marketed in the US.

This video was recorded on October 3, 2020.


rhino metals

longhorn strongbox lsb1014

The Longhorn Strongbox LSB1014 is the first keyed locking safe I’ve looked at that I can endorse. My reasons for endorsing the safe are as follows: 1) The safe is made with adequate steel. 2) It has big enough bolts to offer real resistance to forced entry. 3) There is no convenient tool that would allow one to jiggle or rake open the lock in a matter of seconds. 4) The safe is built in a way that allows one to swap out the lock. For more on how to retrofit this safe, please watch "Retrofitting a Rhino Metals Longhorn Strongbox."


This safe was examined on April 2, 2020.


rhino metals

longhorn strongbox lsb1818

The Longhorn Strongbox LSB1818 is the first small personal safe that I can recommend. None of the small personal safes I’ve examined before this have been remotely secure. They’ve always had holes, weak locks, and generally flimsy construction. This safe is not intended to take the place of a full-sized safe for storing a gun collection. But it’s something a first-time gun owner could store a handgun in, and also lock up ammunition, or emergency cash, or narcotic medications, or an expensive watch.


This safe was examined on April 19, 2020.




What you should know before buying a handgun safe.

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what you should know before buying a handgun safe