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Let me answer a few of the more common questions I get asked.

Q: Why don’t you provide a list of handgun safes worth buying instead of showing only the worst ones out there?

A: I have not been deliberately targeting only the worst safes I can find. I also have no secret list of genuinely secure handgun safes. If you’ve seen my videos looking at the AMSEC Heavy-Duty Pistol Safe, the Fort Knox Auto Pistol Safe and Fort Knox Original Pistol Box, and the Stealth Original Handgun Safe you’ve seen the best of what I’ve found.

Keep in mind, this website and the accompanying Vimeo channel are not consumer reporting services, and I don’t represent myself as having qualifications to test products for consumers. This research began as investigative journalism. I established these online resources to share the results of that investigation, and I continue to do follow up research and add to the database.

Q: Can you send replacement keys? (Or, can you send replacement parts? Or, if I send you pictures, can you tell me what’s wrong with my safe?)

A: No, I don't supply replacement keys. Nor do I perform repair services on safes, or diagnose problems with safes by email. If you're having problems with a safe, the best thing to do is contact the manufacturer, if the company is still in business, and ask if service is available for the product. If the safe is out of production or you can no longer get parts or service for it, it's time to consider buying a new safe.

Q: Can you recommend a biometric safe?

A: I don’t recommend handgun safes with biometric technology. So far in my examinations of these devices, I’ve found that safes with fingerprint readers are unlikely to be any more secure than other devices. I discuss biometric safes on the Handgun safe design page of this site, and I go into the design problems that undermine safes with biometrics on the Findings & discussion page.

Q: Can you recommend a full-sized, floor-standing safe?

A: If you’re in the market for a full-sized safe, I recommend reading through the Gun Safe Reviews Guy website before making any purchases. Jaime Capra has condensed a tremendous amount of information on the manufacture of large safes, and he’s taken the time to demystify the arcane language of UL standards. He’s also done a fair amount of myth busting with regard to the claims that manufacturers make about their products.

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