I established Handgun Safe Research after writing a piece of investigative journalism titled “Gun Safe Cracking.” The article first appeared in the online version of American Shooting Journal, July 21, 2015. A print version of the article appeared in the September 2015 newsstand issue of ASJ. I wrote a follow-up piece titled “Lawfully Defective Gun Safes” for Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

I don’t often write for gun magazines, because gun magazines and gun blogs are more concerned with selling product and securing advertising than they are with my own particular form of activism--or hacktivism. To complicate matters, I’ve found that criticizing an industry even peripheral to gun ownership can be seen as criticism of gun ownership.


The truth is, though I support gun ownership I don't believe ready access to a firearm is essential for maintaining home security. Visitors to this site who think they are at risk of a home invasion would be better off investing in high-security deadbolts that are difficult to pick, barricade hardware for doors, and bars for lower-story windows. A gun is a last resort when defending one’s home, and gun ownership is probably unnecessary for most people. —Dave Goetzinger




What you should know before buying a handgun safe.

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what you should know before buying a handgun safe