My name is Dave Goetzinger. I established Handgun Safe Research after writing a piece of investigative journalism titled “Gun Safe Cracking.” The article first appeared in the online version of American Shooting Journal, July 21, 2015. A print version of the article appeared in the September 2015 newsstand issue of ASJ. I later wrote a follow-up piece titled “Lawfully Defective Gun Safes” for Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

I don’t often write for gun magazines or gun blogs, because they are more concerned with selling product and securing advertising than they are with preventing the sale of flimsy and dangerous products, which is my concern as a hacker--or hacktivist. To complicate matters, I’ve found that criticizing an industry even peripheral to gun ownership is seen by the gun enthusiast as criticism of gun ownership.



The truth is, though I support gun ownership I don't believe ready access to a firearm is essential for maintaining home security. Visitors to this site who think they are at risk of a home invasion would be better off investing in high-security deadbolts that are difficult to pick, barricade hardware for doors, and bars for lower-story windows. A gun is a last resort when defending one’s home, and gun ownership is probably unnecessary for many people.