This product is made by Guangzhou Tsunami Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., and it’s an example of what happens when a manufacturer designs a product based solely on appealing features—that is, going by what sells on Amazon and Alibaba. This device is not designed for purposes of gun safety. It is a collection of features: biometric and keypad access, Bluetooth connected phone access, and light-weight plastic construction.


Keep in mind that nobody involved in the manufacture of this device—not the company owner, the industrial designer, the manager overseeing the production floor, or anyone working on the production line—not one of these people has ever handled a gun before. There is no private gun ownership in China. These workers have no idea what it means to comply with gun laws, not to mention safe-storage gun laws. When a Chinese company cobbles together a product like this, they’re only guessing as to is possible use.


This product was examined on August 12, 2020.