The brute

Part of V-Line’s Tactical series, the Brute (Model No. 1394-S FBLK) is the perfect handgun safe. All of the shortcomings I find in other handgun safes of similar design have been addressed in the Brute. In addition to being made of 10-gauge steel and featuring a Simplex lock, this safe is the first one I’ve come across that has the correct type of gas strut installed in it. The faceplate of the lock is surrounded by a welded fitting that prevents one from attacking the lock with a screwdriver and also serves as a handle. The lid has also been designed to surround the sides of the box to prevent prying.

This safe was examined on April 12, 2020.

The compact Pistol safe

Part of V-Line’s Home Security series, the Compact Pistol Safe is a good option for people on a budget. It cannot offer the forced-entry defense that a heavier handgun safe can, but it is still more secure than the little plastic devices on the market. The Compact has a 5-button Simplex lock and a lid that surrounds the sides of the box to prevent prying. It can be secured with a cable, and it can be modified easily to give it mounting holes. Also, for those who have been looking for something small and TSA Compliant, this is an excellent option.

This safe was examined on September 15, 2020.

quick vault

model 41214-s

The V-Line wall safe is California DOJ approved. It’s fitted with a KABA Simplex lock, and the safe is preconfigured to fit between wall studs that are 16-inches on center. The safe is constructed of 14-guage steel, and sits flush with a wall’s surface. Surrounding the faceplate of the lock is a steel fitting that serves as the handle, while also preventing prying at the lock. Inside, the safe has an adjustable shelf and felt lining.


This safe was examined on March 19, 2020.



What you should know before buying a handgun safe.

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what you should know before buying a handgun safe