The Brute

Part of V-Line's Tactical product line, the Brute has a lot going for it. The device is made of ample steel and it can be secured onto a solid surface. The box is also fitted with a Simplex lock, made by Dormakaba. Unfortunately, Dormakaba has yet to design some form of impact-resistant interface that will protect the combination chamber inside from strikes to the buttons. Companies using these locks are left to develop their own method of protecting the locks from impact.

This safe was examined on November 19, 2020.

The Brute

A 2021 Updated Model

In March of 2021, V-Line provided Handgun Safe Research with an updated version of the Brute handgun safe. V-Line developed an internal housing to prevent the 9600-Series Simplex lock from being knocked through by force. After testing the new safe, I contacted V-Line with a suggestion for how to improve the housing. My video embedded here shows both the original and improved protection.

This safe was examined on March 12, 2021.



What you should know before buying a handgun safe.

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what you should know before buying a handgun safe