Stealth Tactical (electronic devices)

Stealth, Model STL-HHS

California DOJ Approved

This is a front-opening handgun safe with a spring-release latching mechanism and a few interesting innovations that set it apart from similar handgun safes. One of the innovations I like is that it requires a minimum of a 6-digit access code; the requirement reduces the chances someone will program a carelessly simple access code.

Another innovation I like is a small gas strut that catches the door and protects the hinges from becoming damaged as the door drops open. Unfortunately, as with other front-opening handgun safes I’ve looked at, this one is vulnerable to attack right over the top of the door. This safe was examined October 5, 2017.

Stealth, Model STL-HHS, Design Update

California DOJ Approved

In January of 2017, I received an updated version of the STL-HHS handgun safe. Stealth has begun welding a small piece of metal into the housing of the latching mechanism to prevent the insertion of shims. However, the housing is still open along its sides; the mechanism isn’t fully shielded.

Because of this, one can still insert thin pieces of plastic and other materials around the side of the door and reach the latching hardware. I'm concerned that someone who is inclined to experiment with this device could find the right material to insert around the door and gain access to the release. This safe was examined January 31, 2018.