Sports Afield

Sports Afield SA-RV1

California DOJ Approved

This is the first of four handgun safes marketed by Sports Afield. The SA-RV1 is a typical portable case with design oversights I’ve seen before. One of the problems it has is removable rubber feet in the bottom of it. I found that I could easily access the release for the locking mechanism by pulling out one of the rubber feet and reaching in with a piece of coat-hanger wire. This safe was examined October 3, 2017.

Sports Afield SA-RV2

California DOJ Approved

Two of the Sports Afield handgun safes, the SA-RV2 and SA-RV3, are standard front-opening safes with four-button keypads and generic tubular locks for bypass locks. Both safes also have the same spring-release latching mechanism installed in them, and both are vulnerable to attack over the top of the door. This safe was examined October 4, 2017.

Sports Afield SA-RV3

California DOJ Approved

The SA-RV3 is the larger of Sports Afield’s two front-opening handgun safes. This safe was examined October 5, 2017.