Snapsafe lock boxes

Snapsafe XL Lock Box

California DOJ Approved/TSA Compliant

The XL Lock Box is a Chinese-made product. Among lock boxes, this one has the most common, most cheaply made, and most easily compromised wafer lock manufactured. No importer has any excuse for putting this lock into circulation, considering the number of times it has been compromised online. This safe was examined October 3, 2017.

The Snapsafe fiasco

I received communication on November 9, 2017, from a representative of Snapsafe (Hornady) questioning my findings regarding the XL Lock Box tested October 3, 2017. The representative informed me that Snapsafe lock boxes are embossed with the Snapsafe logo and that Snapsafe has never used the simple wafer lock I found. Furthermore, Snapsafeā€™s engineers were unable to replicate my attack on the Snapsafe XL Lock Box.

In subsequent communication, Snapsafe's rep admitted that a limited number of lock boxes went into circulation with no embossed logo. However, since the real issue is the cheap wafer lock installed on the original lock box I tested, I purchased two additional Snapsafe XL Lock Boxes in order to record a follow-up examination. This follow-up video was recorded December 23, 2017.