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The HDX-150 Smart Vault was originally made by 9G Products and was called the Inprint-Micro Biometric Safe. In 2014, Liberty Safe acquired 9G Products and took over production of this handgun safe along with the larger one that would become the HDX-250 Smart Vault. In updating the Inprint Micro Biometric, Liberty neglected to address significant vulnerabilities that remain built into the HDX-150 Smart Vault. The framework surrounding the bypass lock has a gap, which allows access to the administration button for registering new fingerprints. This safe was examined January 21, 2016.



The HDX-250 Smart Vault is the second of the two biometric handgun safes acquired by Liberty Safe in 2014. While Liberty updated the safe by giving it heavier steel construction and a scratch-resistant paint finish, the safe has inherent vulnerabilities built into it that Liberty failed to address. As with the HDX-150 Smart Vault, a gap surrounds the bypass lock, allowing access to the administration button for registering new fingerprints. This safe was examined September 3, 2016.




After I examined Liberty Safe’s HDX-250 Smart Vault in September of 2016, Liberty addressed the security issues promptly. They sealed the gap around the bypass lock, which I exploited on camera, and they secured the container’s plastic corners in place so that they cannot be removed. The resulting safe is considerably more secure than it was before. The safe does still have a tubular lock for a bypass, as do the majority of handgun safes on the market, but in terms of resisting attack with common household tools and materials, the HDX-250 is one of the more resistant handgun safe they offer. This safe was examined January 8, 2017.




What you should know before buying a handgun safe.

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what you should know before buying a handgun safe