Legal matters

This website is not affiliated with any government agency, certified facility for testing firearms safety devices, product testing facility, or publicly or privately funded gun safety education program. The owner of this site (hereinafter known as “The Owner”) makes no representation of meeting the requirements of any recognized certification program for testing firearms safety devices or any other consumer products.


The Owner accepts no responsibility for financial losses to manufacturers as a result of disclosure on this site of defective product designs and security vulnerabilities unknown to manufacturers or undetected by California Certified FSD Laboratories. The Owner will post notices of product recalls, notices of discontinued products, and notices of redesigned and improved products upon notification by the manufacturer. The Owner will leave posted all video-recorded examinations and other postings regarding recalled or discontinued products for the benefit of visitors to the site who may still own these defectively designed products.


The Owner accepts no liability for injuries resulting from failure to disclose mechanical or electrical hazards of devices examined on this site. “Devices examined on this site” include product models examined here and their related product lines that share design weaknesses and security vulnerabilities with them. See Characteristics of lock boxes on the Handgun Safe Design page for a detailed description of the components of lock boxes that may be shared among lock boxes in a line of related products.


The Owner accepts no responsibility for handguns or other firearms stolen or otherwise accessed without authorization from devices examined on this site. The Owner accepts no responsibility for the actions of anyone who has stolen or otherwise accessed handguns or other firearms without authorization from the devices examined on this site.