Hornady RAPiD-Safe, Model 2700KP

California DOJ Approved

Hornady’s updated RAPiD Safe is a generic Chinese-made product also marketed by Winchester Safe. The only difference between the two items is that the Winchester safe has the Winchester logo on it and the Hornady safe has the Hornady logo on it. And the paint finish is different. As generic handgun safes go, the 2700KP is better than most I’ve seen. Its primary weakness is a vulnerability to forced entry, due to the exposed hinge at the back of it. This safe was examined October 8, 2017.

Hornady RAPiD-Safe, Model 98150

California DOJ Approved

[Note: This device has been discontinued.] This handgun safe is designed by Hornady and manufactured in China. In all likelihood, the structural oversight in the framework of this device, which I exploit in this video, is the result of sloppy production practices in the Chinese outfit fabricating these safes. To confirm that I had not uncovered an anomaly, I tested another two RAPiD safes and was able to break into the others in the same way demonstrated in the video here. This safe was first examined April 27, 2015.

Hornady RAPiD-Safe: Updated design

California DOJ Approved

[Note: The device has been discontinued.] Since my examination of the original RAPiD-Safe, Hornady Security addressed an issue that left the safe vulnerable to attack; I found a gap in housing of the original device that I was able to exploit with a paperclip. But the problem needing to be solved wasn’t that there was a gap in the framework, but that there cannot be extraneous holes that might allow access to the release. As can be seen in my follow-up examination, Hornady addressed my 2015 finding while leaving the safe vulnerable to attack. This safe was examined March 7, 2017.