Hornady RAPiD-Safe, Model 2700KP

California DOJ Approved

Hornady‚Äôs updated RAPiD Safe is a Chinese-made product also marketed by Winchester Safe. As generic handgun safes go, the 2700KP is better than most. Its primary weaknesses: A generic 7-pin tubular lock, and a vulnerability to forced entry due to an exposed hinge at the back. This safe was examined October 8, 2017.

Hornady RAPiD-Safe, Model 98150

California DOJ Approved

[Note: This device has been discontinued.] This handgun safe is designed by Hornady and manufactured in China. The structural oversight in the framework of this device, which I exploit in this video, is likely the result of sloppy production practices. To confirm that I hadn't found an anomaly, I tested another two RAPiD safes and broke into the others in the same way demonstrated on video here. This safe was first examined April 27, 2015.

Hornady RAPiD-Safe: Updated design

California DOJ Approved

[Note: The device has been discontinued.] Since my examination of the original RAPiD-Safe, Hornady Security addressed an issue that left the safe vulnerable to attack; I found a gap in the housing of the original device that I was able to exploit with a paperclip. As can be seen in my follow-up examination, Hornady addressed my 2015 finding while leaving the safe vulnerable to attack. This safe was examined March 7, 2017.