GunVault GVB1000

This handgun safe, called the Minivault Biometric, features the same spring-release mechanism found in the GV1000S. The main difference between the two safes is that this one has a fingerprint reader. Though it is a fancier, more expensive device, the GVB1000 is no more secure than the less expensive model; the mechanical components of the locking mechanism are accessible through holes in the side of the safe. This safe was examined February 23, 2016.

GunVault MV500

This is a generic Chinese-made portable case with more vulnerabilities to it than I exploit on video. The rubber feet in the bottom of it can be removed, and I found that I was able to reach in with coat-hanger wire to actuate the release. But this weakness can be mitigated if the device is bolted down. As I demonstrate on video, the gap at the front which  opens into the latch-mechanism housing leaves this device accessible even if it’s bolted down. This safe was examined October 8, 2017.

GunVault SVB 500

The SpeedVault Biometric has been on the market for approximately 10 years. Going by the number of reviews on Amazon, this is the most popular handgun safe GunVault sells. Going by the number of look-alikes marketed by Chinese manufacturers on Alibaba, this is also the most knocked-off safe GunVault sells. This safe was examined April 26, 2018.