Gardall PS96-B-E

This is a Chinese-made, generic knock-off of Sentry Safe’s Quick Access Pistol Safe (model QAP1E), also made in China. This Gardall product is nearly identical to another product imported for a brief time by Bighorn Safe Co. (the P-20 Security Safe), though the Gardall import has undergone some improvement.

Most importantly, the release for the door is not accessible through the holes where the decorative cover for the bypass lock snaps into place, which was a problem in the Bighorn safe. Unfortunately, knock-off designs tend to replicate design problems, and Gardall’s PS96-B-E suffers from the same vulnerability that the original Sentry Safe QAP1E does—a gap in the framework that allows access to the release with a metal shim. This safe was examined May 6, 2017.