Fortress B-P2EA

California DOJ Approved

This device is a generic Chinese-made product and a hybrid of numerous handgun safes I’ve examined. As a hybrid, this safe shares a characteristic with other top-accessed handgun safes: Plastic bumpers mounted on the sides. I’ve found the same plastic pieces on the Sentry Safe Quick Access Pistol Safes, both standard and biometric, and on a Gardall knock-off, the PS96-B-E.

These plastic pieces are held in place with screws, meaning that if one pries off the side of the safe one will expose holes opening into the interior of the locking mechanism. This safe was examined September 23, 2017.

Fortress P2EA

This handgun safe is a generic Chinese product made by Ningbo Yosec Industrial Co., Ltd. (the model G-18E). The same product is also manufactured by Yangzhou Super Industry Co., Ltd. (the model SMD11). The device is imported by numerous U.S. companies including Caesar Safe, Costway, Fortress, Gettysburg, Ivation, Ollieroo, Tracker Safe, and probably others.

Although the device is not California DOJ approved, I included it among the other safes I examined because Fortress’s packaging shows a couple of semi-automatic handguns sitting inside the safe, which means that Fortress represents the product as being appropriate for storing firearms. This safe was examined October 14, 2015.