Vaultek Safe

Vaultek Safe, VT20

Vaultek’s two main products, the VT20 and VT20i, are designed in the U.S. and made in China. The VT20 offers keypad access and has several useful features worked into it: A proximity sensor that lights up the keypad, “hot-key” functions, and a rechargeable battery. The safe also comes with a Bluetooth app that allows one to monitor battery charge and to track every time the safe is accessed or its access code is changed. However, the safe is vulnerable to simple mechanical bypass by the side of the lid. This safe was examined October 18, 2016.

Vaultek Safe, VT20i

The VT20i is the biometric version of Vaultek’s VT20. Like the VT20, the biometric version has a proximity sensor in the keypad, “hot-key” functions, and a Bluetooth app. Aside from its fingerprint reader this device is identical to the VT20 and shares with it the same security vulnerabilities. A plastic zip-tie—even a coffee stirrer—inserted through the side of the lid can push the release, while the Bluetooth app will not recognize that the safe has been opened. This safe was examined November 29, 2016.

Vaultek Safe, VT20i: Design updates 1 and 2

Handgun Safe Research received an updated model of the VT20i on 12/07/2016, and recorded an examination on 12/19/2016. Though the safe had been improved, it was still vulnerable to unauthorized access, as can be seen in the first part of this video. In February of 2017, Vaultek Safe sent another update of the device, examined 02/06/2017. The current device now has additional shielding around the bypass cylinder and is less vulnerable to unauthorized access.